About us

Troianiello Cigars was opened in Scranton, PA by Michael Troianiello in 2021. Michael prides himself in offering top-notch cigars in not only Pennsylvania but, all over the United States. Troianiello Cigars is a proud maker of premium hand-rolled cigars. With a wide variety of premium cigars and accessories, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Mike Option 2

Since 2021

When I was a kid, my grandfather smoked cigars. I grew up surrounded by the smell of them and as I grew older, I became a cigar aficionado. They reminded me of home and family, and it was something I wanted to experience again. From then on, I developed an interest in them. Asking those I met what brand they were, what they liked about it, where they got it from. But every cigar I had never felt right. They didn’t satisfy my nostalgia or my palette like I wanted them too. So I went to work to develop my own unique blend that I knew would be perfect. After traveling around the Dominican Republic and working in factories, I found the perfect blend. Now I’m excited to share my expertise with my customers so they can find their perfect cigar and re-experience all their good memories too.

The perfect blend of quality and consistency

We use the top 10% of leaves used for our premium and flavor lineup. Using the best tobacco along with our most experienced rollers to make these extremely limited cigars our very best